Japan's first fermented food with enhanced antioxidant activity, papaya enzyme has been loved for 49 years. Over 100 million books have been sold in total!

Do you suffer from any
of the following health problems?

What are the causes of your symptoms?

Are you aging too rapidly? Have you gained weight? Are you struggling with mental health concerns due to high stress? Have you been too busy with daily chores? Do you feel overwhelmed caring for children, family, and friends-but have no time for yourself? Is your irregular diet causing constipation? Has constipation and gastrointestinal distress damaged the lining of your stomach and intestines? Are your sleep disturbances causing chronic fatigue?

It is said that these health problems are caused by a weakened immune system. The immune system works to rid the body of threats—such as foreign viruses and bacteria.

The immune system can even initiate an attack on the body when no threat is present.

Green papaya enzyme also eliminates toxins accumulated in the body. This detoxification process restores the body, allowing it to regain strength by boosting the immune system.

Green papaya enzyme helps reset the body to its original state.

The philosophy that we care

Part 1 Biopathic Theory We regain the vitality of human beings!

Boosting the body’s natural healing power.
These are the principles of “Biopathy”. On this planet we have been nurtured by water, air, and the earth. Since birth, we have been raised by Mother Nature and have thrived on what our planet naturally provides.

Part 2 Keep your health healthy and everyone around you to HAPPY! Capital on human living is healthy!

if we are healthy, we can live in peace and harmony. We would like to assist you in experiencing the great gift of health and happiness.

That 3 food safety is the secret of maximum health! It is a reason that sticks to natural ingredients themselves natural ingredients!

and what you eat must be safe and nontoxic for this reason. Health is supported and created by the food we ingest. Bio-Normalizer doesn’t need any extra filler ingredients. It is made simply from organic green papayas. Our product is always free of additives and preservatives.

Learning the way of life from the laws of nature
This is the first step for us to live healthier.

What is Bio-Normalizer?

Bio-Normalizer is our original product made from fermented papayas, the yeast of tropical edible plants, and lactic acid bacterium. During fermentation, microorganisms produce beneficial substances called probiotics, which neutralize the balance of the body. In the production of Bio-Normalizer, no chemical processing is done. There is no extracting or refining, and no chemical agents are added. Bio-Normalizer is produced in an environment that is at one with, and inspired by, nature.

Green papayas are grown in the Philippines and harvested at new moon and full moon

The sun and the rainforest of the Philippines provide ideal growing conditions.

Bio-Normalizer was developed by Dr. Osato. He went all over the world in search of the best green papayas to produce Bio-Normalizer. During this journey he discovered that green papayas are grown in the intense ultraviolet sunlight of the Philippines.

The green papayas we use to produce Bio-Normalizer are grown in the region of Batangas. The average temperature there is 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity is over 90%. These conditions are ideal for the papaya fruit to thrive and grow in abundance.

The papayas we harvest are about the size of an adult fist. When ripe, they are filled with antioxidants and enzymes.
The key ingredient of Bio-Normalizer is green papaya enzyme. Our staff picks each fruit carefully, choosing only
the best for Bio-Normalizer. They are harvested during the new moon and the full moon, when the
papaya fruit is at its peak.

Particularity about the farming and production of green papaya

commitment1 Particularity about the natural environment, soil, and water commitment2 Particularity about seeds commitment3 Particularity about papayas commitment4 Particularity about the harvest date

Why do we use the papayas of the Philippines?

Papayas are a popular fruit in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hawaii. As a result of investigating each country, we decided to use the green papayas of the Philippines because they have the highest antioxidant power and nutritional value and are grown with plenty of ultraviolet sunlight.

Particularity about the production process

commitment1 Processed within two hours of harvesting commitment2 Processed by professional workers commitment3 Fermentation and ripening commitment4 Dry without heating

What is fermented food Enzyme is not heated!

Fermentation is a process used to create useful substances from organic materials, such as carbohydrates, by way of microorganism activity.

Foods undergo the fermentation process and in turn produce a delicious umami flavor filled with nutrients not found in the original ingredients. Our ancestors have ingested fermented foods since ancient times. In Japan, fermented foods made from plant materials, such as miso, soy sauce, and mirin, are still being eaten today.

People in Europe and the United States eat cheese and yogurt. Koreans eat kimchi. The Chinese eat fermented tofu. Although their ingredients vary, fermented foods have been loved and lauded by people of all over the world due to their positive effects on the human body.

The enzyme begins to break down at 48 degrees Celsius, and completely loses its positive effect at 70 degrees Celsius.

We make this product using long-term ripening in a natural environment. This method cannot be used in mass production. We are particular about delivering the living enzyme as is.

*According to the Food Sanitation Act, enzyme drinks in the marketplace must use heat processing above 65 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. This is necessary for enzyme drinks because living enzymes continue to ferment.

Green papaya enzyme is used for drugs and medicines!

In general, most enzyme supplements sold in the market contain one type of enzyme. Green papaya is a miracle fruit containing all three major food enzymes necessary for the human body!

Papayas are called “medical fruits” in southern countries. Papain hydrolyzing enzyme is designated as a medicine, and it is widely used in the medical field. Additionally, green papayas contain plenty of other enzymes, such as chymopapain and calpain.

Proteolytic enzyme Lipolytic enzyme Glycolytic enzyme

Green papayas contain proteolytic enzyme (protease). Protease is also found in pineapples, kiwis, and bananas. This enzyme is vulnerable to heat, so it breaks down immediately when heated. It aids digestion, so you won’t feel weighed down after a big meal.

Green papayas contain lipolytic enzyme (lipase). Lipase is also found in avocados, grapefruits, and natto. This enzyme transforms fats into fatty acid and glycerin and burns body fat. It is one of the enzymes necessary for weight loss.

Green papayas contain glycolytic enzyme (amylase, also known as diastase). This enzyme is also found in daikon radishes and bananas. It is an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates and increases metabolism, which is helpful for weight loss.

9 Positive effects of green papaya

Heals wounds more quickly

The proteolytic enzyme found in green papayas works on the skin By breaking down and removing old or damaged proteins, proteolytic enzyme creates a space for new cells. As a result, wounds heal more quickly. In the country where papayas originate, people have used the fruits and leaves for healing wounds and burns for centuries. It is also very good for oral inflammation and sore throats! It suppresses inflammation inside and out.

Prevents diseases

Green papayas break down LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood, reducing the risk of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Helps avoid heat stroke

Tropical fruits are good for avoiding complications from the heat, such as heat stroke, because they chill the body. Among them, papayas have more lipolytic enzyme than pineapples or kiwis! This enzyme also helps digestion and is effective for soothing a full stomach.

Provides anti-aging benefits to skin

Green papayas are abundant sources of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, lycopene, and carotene, which prevent spots and freckles, and tighten skin’s elasticity. They also prevent melanin pigment deposits on the skin caused by sunburn. Additionally, the papain enzyme found in green papayas removes dirt from pores, thereby preventing spots, freckles, acne, and rough skin.

Polyphenol found in green papayas also has a strong antioxidant effect. Its anti-aging and antioxidant effect is 60 times that of the health drink Noni Juice.

Promotes intestinal health

Pectin, which is abundantly found in green papayas, increases good bacteria such as bifidobacterium in the stomach, which helps to eliminate constipation. Pectin also has a detoxifying effect.

Positively affects diet

Green papayas contain glycolytic enzyme, a digestive enzyme, which breaks down carbohydrates and activates, maintains, and improves metabolism.

Maintains a healthy sleep cycle

Green papayas abundantly contain the ingredient benzyl glucosinolate, which is also found in maca, and is famous for having a nourishing tonic effect. It resets the body, providing sound sleep until the following morning.

SOD component

SOD (super oxide dismutase) is a powerful antioxidant that defends against the enzymes generated in the body that cause cellular damage. In this way it helps in the anti-aging process. The SOD component of green papaya is said to have 100 times that as black garlic!

Increases the rate of fatigue recovery

Organic acids, such as citric acid, as well as the vitamin B group contained in green papayas, activate the citric acid cycle (TCA cycle). This keeps the blood smooth and the physical composition of the body alkaline, which helps accelerate the rate of recovery for sore, fatigued muscles.

Research by public institutions, academic papers and award-winning history

There are more than 130 academic papers about green papaya enzyme.
Green papaya enzyme has been researched and developed by Dr. Akira Osato, and its efficacy and effect have been studied at research institutions and universities around the world. As a result, more than 130 academic papers on green papaya enzyme have been published in the world’s public research institutions.

The following are the world-wide research institutes that have published academic research papers about Bio-Normalizer:

Okayama University; Yamagata Technopolis Foundation; Ehime University; FALCO Research Institute/ National Cancer Center East Hospital Gastroenterology Department; Nagoya City University; Shimane University; Incorporated Foundation Kyoto Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center; Gifu University; Osaka Dental University; St. Thomas University (Philippines); the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Russia); Russian National Medical University (Russia); Russian Children's Hematology Institute (Russia); Russia Vitamin Research Institute (Russia); Berkeley School of the University of California (USA); Sapienza School of the University of Rome (Italy); St. Anna Hospital (Italy); Niguarda Hospital (Italy); Econam Research Institute (France); the University of Bordeaux (France); Natural Sience Research Institute of St. Thomas University (Philippines); Bicol Hospital (Philippines), etc.

History of Awards
Michinikov Award and President Gorbachev 's courtesy visit
As a humanitarian mission to radiation-exposed victims of nuclear power plants at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, we travelled to Kharkiv City National Cancer Hospital in Ukraine and provided Bio-Normalizer for free. At the Moscow State Medical University Attached Hospital, we carried out relief efforts for children with leukemia.

Impressed by these gratuitous acts, the former President Gorbachev and his wife Raisa visited Gifu on November 12, 1995 and presented us a letter of appreciation. Since then, we have contributed greatly to the sciences, including immunology and applied microbiology. We were proudly awarded the Michinikov Award from the Mechnikov Institute in Russia. (Dr. Mechnikov received the Nobel Prize in 1908 for his research on microorganisms and lactic acid bacteria.)

  • President Gorbachev
  • Letter from Gorbachev
  • Michinikov Award


Quality of Life Award
In 1999, Dr. Akira Osato won the International Aging Society’s “Quality of Life Award” in Abano Terme City, Italy. He was recognized with this award—the highest international life award--for his development of Bio-Normalizer, a product that improves health, immunity, and quality of life.

  • Dr. Akira Osato
  • Quality of Life Award


Registration of health food for immune regulation in China
In order to examine the influence of Bio-Normalizer on certain symptoms and illnesses, we conducted clinical observation on patients in 2003 at Tianjin National Medical College, pursuing the improvement of the clinical symptoms of patients with acute and chronic phase ischemic cerebral infarction and the prevention of reperfusion injury after thrombolysis. This was done using a randomized double blind method. We also conducted a humanitarian mission to Tianjin National Medical University against the SARS outbreak.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Health officially registered Bio-Normalizer as a "Health Food for Immune Regulation" due to its positive effects on people with lower and compromised immunity.

  • 大里 章 博士
  • 中国からSARS感謝状


Great Effect on Illness and Disease Lifestyle diseases

Cancer and Leukemia
Green papaya enzyme activates NK cell function, suppresses cancer cell activity, and stimulates tumor necrosis factors. It damages certain types of cancer cells and induces apoptosis.
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by cell destruction due to anabolism by free radicals or oxygen metabolites. The antioxidants in green papaya enzyme neutralize free radicals that attack cells, promoting recovery from diabetes. Insomnia
Bio-Normalizer has the effect of suppressing the neurotransmitters dopamine (DA) and serotonin (5-HT) that maintain alertness in the brain. Therefore, we can expect Bio-Normalizer to have a positive effect on insomnia.
Bio-Normalizer regulates immunity and activates interferon and macrophage that fight against the common influenza virus.

Customer Feedback! 1

Customer Feedback! 2

Bio-Normalizer  was a popular topic in Japan mass media.

Famous women's magazine, TV Chanel etc

How to take Bio-Normalizer

Why is it necessary to dissolve Bio-Normalizer slowly in the mouth?

Amylase in saliva helps digest food. When you chew, you crush solids and increase saliva secretion. Saliva helps release the nutrients in Bio-Normalizer so they are more effectively absorbed by the body. Water will not have this same effect. By dissolving in the mouth, the rate of absorption by the body increases, as does the effectiveness of Bio-Normalizer’s ingredients.

To encourage daily use, take Bio-Normalizer in a way that is easy for you

Bio-Normalizer is recommended for people who:

The effects of the green papaya enzyme are most noticeablewith everyday use. It can treat a variety of symptoms, dependent on how often it is used and what time of day it is taken.


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